Member Information: The member must enter his information completely and without errors. Telephone number and tax number (ID Number) must be entered for delivery. This information is required for both security and legal obligations.
Errors: Product description, name, price, picture, etc. Our store cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur in the information.
Price Policy: Our store determines the prices of all products sold in our store in accordance with free economy rules. This includes Tag Price, Selling Price and Selling Price. No one including the Customer, Product manufacturer, Importer or distributor has the authority to force us to change the price. Spelling errors are the exception.
Fees: All fees charged by our store are clearly displayed in the relevant sections for the customer to see. These prices cannot be objected to later.
Customer Satisfaction: Our store works hard to keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level. Except for customer requests that are not within the framework of general trade rules and aim to harm our store, all your complaints and requests are carefully examined and resolved promptly.
Security Measures: Orders placed in our store are delivered to the customer after passing through a series of security measures. Our store managers may request some additional information from the customer during these processes. The requested information is for your security. The customer is responsible for meeting these demands. Orders deemed unsafe or suspicious by the Bank or our Managers will not be sent.
Product Delivery: Deliveries are only delivered by the Cargo companies determined by our store or by identity check with our own distribution network. Delivery cannot be requested with a different cargo company. When the ordered package is received, it must be checked and the damaged or faulty package should not be received. From the moment your package reaches us, your order will be deemed to have been delivered completely and intact by the cargo officer.
Purchasing: There must be at least 20 lots of products in your shopping cart, otherwise you will be outside the site rules and our company will not be responsible for this.